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Indian Nightmare
Was ein Gebräu! Indian Nightmare heißt der Kessel, in dem Venom, Sodom, D-Beat Punk und Spucke zu einer tödlichen Metalpunk-Suppe zusammengepanscht sind. Das Ganze wird mit dem brennenden Gesellschaftsvertrag zum Kochen gebracht und Dir direkt ins Gesicht serviert. Dieser Mucke hört man an, dass sie nur in der dritten Reihe einer Fäuste-schwingenden und langbehaarten Denim&Leather Collage zu wahrer Entfaltung kommt. Seid dabei!

Bütcher Speed Metal

Wenn auf Eurer Bedürfnispyramide nur 5 mal das Wort Blackthrash zu lesen ist seid ihr nicht nur komplett im Leben angekommen, sondern auch auf dem Detze genau richtig! Wir lassen nämlich extra für Euch den dunklen Speedmetal Berserker Bütcher von der Leine und ihr wisst ja, was in so einer Situation zu tun ist?

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Behold this unholy vessel! Indian Nightmare is a cauldron filled with Venom, Sodom, D-Beat Punk and spit, beaten and stirred to a deadly soup of metal punk! Brought to the boil by the burning social contract and served directly in your face!

If your hierachy of needs only reads „blackthrash“, you’ve got your shit sorted out and you’re more than welcome at Detze this year, because we’ll unleash the blackened speed metal berzerk Bütcher just for you!

Get your tickets right now! Further announcements will follow soon. A few clicks and you`re Detze weekend is safe. Do it.

We’ve got an 80’s german speed metal legend for you in our pocket again! Iron Angel will raise their hellish crossfire over Detze on Friday night! Watch out, they’ve got a brand new record out this year!

No idea how many great band names you have to throw in a pot to describe the sound of this band, but Horisont have proven themselves to be worthy of every single one, like BOC, UFO, Deep Purple, Kansas oder Thin Lizzy. It’s straight hard rock and NWOBHM alongside psyched out prog rock elements that always come to term with each other under those huge and insanely catchy hooks!

While other Bands push the pedal to the metal, Speed Queen have already obliterated the whole bottom and achieve velocities that sound more like an amphetamine-overdosed Fred Flintstone. Speed Metal at its best and never without those epic NWOBHM hooks!

It’s gonna be hard to get drunk with Fabulous Desaster on stage because those guys don’t give you a second to rest. But do not despair, there will be enough sweaty hair in the moshpit to keep you hydrated!

Some members of our frequent guests Desaster, Metal Inquisitor and Secutor couldn’t keep their hands by themselves and out of that foursome, a newborn called Moontowers came to see the light of day, and it brings doom upon mankind! Let’s see if those thrash maniacs can play it slow!

Oliver/Dawson Saxon
When we started this festival, we would have never imagined that it will only take a few years until our small hill will be shaken by the mighty heavy metal thunder of Saxon, so we are really proud to announce OD Saxon as our headliner on Friday!

If you live so far up north that the sun only lasts for a few months, you gotta live fast. Ranger will fin(n)ish you off with their fierce and incredibly fast speed metal!

Old Mother Hell
A few month before, the german ground cracked open and gave birth to this epic heavy metal golem called Old Mother Hell. One of the hottest and most interesting newcomers at the moment!

Final Fortune
If you were at Detze two years before and enjoyed your free beer on saturday „morning“, these beloved local lads were responsible for your irresponsible drinking speed. With their new EP out, Final Fortune shall shred on Detze once more!

Since their ingenious record „Excerpts From A Future Past“, this band doesn’t need an introduction anymore. This masterpiece is living proof that the prospects of future can be found in the past, as they merge several infuences of proto-metal and hard rock to something truly unique you’ll never have heard before: An epic and beautifully melancholic adventure that defies all genre limitations.

Since 2012, Night were dedicated to worship the sound and riffs of 80’s heavy metal by releasing two single EP’s and Full Lenghts filled with straight and powerful songs that make you want to quit your job and get in trouble.
For their latest release „Raft of the World“ however, they drew further inspiration from the sound of the prior decade. The result is an atmospherically dense and engaging record you can’t stop istening to. We can’t wait to hear it live!

Sacrifice your pets or offspring for heavy metal with a sinister twist! UK’s Amulet shall be summoned to Detze to expore the dark side of NWOBHM with heavy-riffing rituals that leaves you thirsty for blood and beer!

Located in Germany but originally founded in Brasil, old school death metal beast Incarceration combine the best of both worlds: the heavy contoured riffs of swedish old school death metal and the furious and merciless aggression of bands such as Sarcófago and Sadistic Intent. This raging army of two will rough you up real good!

Be forwarned! This Messiah won’t come to liberate your soul from your mortal body, but your primate brain from behavioural restrains! Bang your head and dislocate your extremities for belgian blackthrashers SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (Official) !

Keeping it simple can be pretty difficult. RUYNOR don’t care. These metal punks will pound their way in your „metal heart“, be prepared for a metal punk bangover!

Those of you who are with us for some time might remember the year 2014 when Dead Lord blew everyone’s mind at Detze with their intense and magical show on Saturday. They have come a long way since then and kept on releasing well-written albums that are surely among the best sounding records of this decade (that is, if you prefer Thin Lizzy and Blue Oyster Cult to overcompressed metal-kitsch).
Now, with their „Heads Held High“ and the latest release „In Ignorance We Trust“ in their pocket, they will return and we can’t f*cking wait! How about you?

We are proud to announce TYTAN, Dealer (UK), Ambush & Witchtower for Detze 2018! Two legends of the old, two heroes of today!

„Justice: Served!“ is the name of the recent and powerful record of NWOBHM-Giants TYTAN, referring of course to their infamous ’85 classic „Rough Justice“. Blind men and fools, trust your ears on this!

Looking for a fix? You’ll never overdose on DEALERs ’86 NWOBHM-Milestone „First Strike“! Don’t miss this!

With Ambush and Witchtower, we present you two young bands that have skillfully figured out the DNA of old school heavy metal, playing an authentic sound but still keeping it fresh!

Preorder your tickets right now!

Das war wieder einmal ein friedliches und rundum schönes Detze 2017. Es war und eine Ehre, diese Bands bei uns zu Gast zu haben und eine Freude mit euch zu feiern. Was können wir für 2018 besser machen, auf welche Bands würdet ihr euch freuen?


18:00-18:45 Depredation
19:05-19:45 Burning Maja
20:05-21:05 Midnight Rider
21:30-22:15 Sabbat
22:40-00:00 Tokyo Blade


14:30-15:05 Hornado
15:25-16:05 Manic Adrift
16:25-17:10 Blackslash
17:30-18:15 Vulture
18:45-19:35 Eurynomos
20:00-21:05 Picture
21:25-22:35 Master
22:55-00:15 Metalucifer