Presale is on!

We’ve got an 80’s german speed metal legend for you in our pocket again! Iron Angel will raise their hellish crossfire over Detze on Friday night! Watch out, they’ve got a brand new record out this year!

No idea how many great band names you have to throw in a pot to describe the sound of this band, but Horisont have proven themselves to be worthy of every single one, like BOC, UFO, Deep Purple, Kansas oder Thin Lizzy. It’s straight hard rock and NWOBHM alongside psyched out prog rock elements that always come to term with each other under those huge and insanely catchy hooks!

While other Bands push the pedal to the metal, Speed Queen have already obliterated the whole bottom and achieve velocities that sound more like an amphetamine-overdosed Fred Flintstone. Speed Metal at its best and never without those epic NWOBHM hooks!

It’s gonna be hard to get drunk with Fabulous Desaster on stage because those guys don’t give you a second to rest. But do not despair, there will be enough sweaty hair in the moshpit to keep you hydrated!

Some members of our frequent guests Desaster, Metal Inquisitor and Secutor couldn’t keep their hands by themselves and out of that foursome, a newborn called Moontowers came to see the light of day, and it brings doom upon mankind! Let’s see if those thrash maniacs can play it slow!